What To Wear This Summer: 2 Patterned Dresses for Traveling

This summer, with the lingering promise of warm weather and sun, I’m unconsciously grabbing patterned dresses more. But not just any kind of dress. These dresses are easy to roll up and squeeze for a few days in Portugal or a week on the Long Island Sound, swimming and dancing about. They are dresses that are good for sweat-induced dancing some time around midnight, with sitter check-ins on the hour. But they’re also perfect for some time around 8 am when you find yourself back in the routine again, your children expecting to be shuffled through Brooklyn bright and early. You grab a bag, pray for an iced coffee, and entertain their requests. It is all chic, comfortable and easy, because of said dress.

If it sounds like a dream, it isn’t. Such has been my life lately. I even gave up looking for real shoes, and will usually throw on a pair of colorful slides.

When the weather cools, I have plans to wear one of my other patterned dresses with vintage chocolate knee-high boots and a trench coat. For now, let’s just settle on the beauty and ease of the below…

There are not enough words to describe how obesessed I am with this red and white Nami dress in poppy plaid from Mara Hoffman. It’s 100% organic cotton and goes to a 2x. There’s also the Linny dress (just like it) that shows a bit more skin with a different cut.

Finally, this Diana dress. It would look great with a pair of hurachas or espadrilles for a night out.

My dress is from Mara’s sample sale that she had here in NYC a few weeks back. But all in all, I really love how you can wear each piece for so very long with minimal wear. It outlives it’s price point. For instance, I’ve worn one of my other Mara Hoffman dress three times last week! And I’m already packing two of them for a quick travel week for the last of my West Coast book events in July.

I don’t think traveling this summer is about necessarily having more options. I think it’s just about making sure you not only feel good in your options, but that they provide lasting inpspiration to put them in use.

What are you packing for your travels this summer?

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