Dreams Realized…

What happens when your dream comes true? And then, continues on for months? Before you know it, it has been over a year. That’s what has happened with writing, creating, and now publishing Woman Of Color. It has been non-stop dreams coming to fruition. Barely any breaths in-between, even with all of the meticulous planning on my part, to do so. I realized that no thought-out plan could escape the overwhelmed and extremely humbled ego that is birthed with a book.

The more events I did, the more people I met, the more present I felt with the discomfort of it all. I felt far away from myself, but within myself and completely out there too. Talking to women who have read my work and who also realized that maybe-no matter what they’ve been through- their dreams could come true, too. At each of these events, the stories I’ve heard from many of you, have filled me with solidarity and hope.

Two years ago, I never left the country. I went to the passport office and explained this to the lady at the desk, and we laughed that this was normal for Brooklynites. My grandmother, who’s photo is in the book, had never been on a plane before she passed in her early 60s. So to have my book-with her picture-with my stories, all the way in London, took me for it. The many women who gathered at The London Edition Hotel, to celebrate and hear me read, and join Freddie and myself in conversation, were part of this dream realized. You, coming to this space again and again, buying the book and welcoming me in your home is part of that, too.

My friend, Leith, threw the most generous and joy-filled reading and party for me. And there’s even an essay from Woman Of Color in the newest Violet Book with Chimamanda Ngoziadichie on the cover! Here are photos of the day, if you’d like to see…

Love, love, love talking and laughing with Freddie. She is such a joy!

These ladies had the best questions. I felt like the Q + A could have went on for so long. Thank you for being brave and asking questions and always asking us to dig a bit deeper.

Post event and signature pose. And yes, I now have a signature author pose! ha!

Abrams (UK office) provided the books. Was so happy to have went to the UK office, met the team and hear their thoughts on the book as well!

What a dream all of it was and still is. To be honest, I don’t want to let this joy, discomfort, and sisterhood go. Thank you all so much for sharing your time with me, and allowing me to share this book with you!

I hope you know that no matter your history, your past, whether you are from Brooklyn or London, and want to know you can do it, you can! Whatever it is.

A special thanks to Leith Clark, for hosting. The Edition hotel for being gorgeous and generous, Freddie for joining me in conversation and Gabriel for the photos!

4 thoughts on “Dreams Realized…

  • Reply Monica Mulhern June 12, 2019 at 1:10 pm

    So very cool!!! you are terribly brave and generous with your story. Thank you for sharing with us.

    • Reply latonya June 12, 2019 at 3:48 pm

      Thank you so so much, Monica!

  • Reply Sarah June 12, 2019 at 6:37 pm

    What love. What deep love–in you, and all around you. I’m so happy for you, Latonya. You deserve it all and more!

    • Reply latonya June 13, 2019 at 11:29 am

      Thank you so very much, Sarah!!!

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