10 Experience Based Father’s Day Gifts

With the wonderful comments on this post, and the reality that families often include shifting, loss, grief, and of course, celebration, I’ve been thinking about leaning into experienced-based father’s day gifts. Of course, we are no strangers to this route, as it’s been the sort of thing our family has done for years. But it’s hard to prescribe experiences on a website, at times.

Experiences feel all the more tangible. You come to realize that with time, it’s the memories. Yes, things are part of that-it’s always good to have some thing, but experiences out weigh them all.

In the spirit of this, here are 10 experience-based Father’s Day gifts to add to your gifting this year:

  1. A photograph taken with the kids and dad (for once). Or one hung in the kitchen to remember a dad long gone, in a favorite spot.
  2. A scheduled night of dancing to his favorite record that makes everyone cry, but you play it anyway. You’ll remember it. I promise.
  3. A card game of spit on the stoop. Invite the friends. Summer doesn’t last forever.
  4. A family bike ride on his favorite trail, with matching Brooklyn cycling caps to boot.
  5. A night of dinner outside and seeing stars. And yes, seeing stars…always.
  6. A day working on one of his never-finished projects together. And a tote to inspire you both.
  7. Sharing, with drinks, a friendly conversation on men who benefit. And action plans on how to support women.
  8. A game of jump-rope for increasing heart health. But also just for fun.
  9. A book to read about his favorite Tribe. But also, a subscription to listen, of course.
  10. A car ride to a local watering hole nibbling on sunflower seeds with splashing, swimming and just plain fun. No phones.

Are you gifting any experiences for Father’s Day this year?

(Yoko, Sean, and John)

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