What I Wore Last Week

My closet looks slightly different these days. Well, I look at it differently. Thank you, decent weather. Thank you, things I once forgot I loved. Thank. you, meetings, errands, drop-offs, events, and general morning bleary-eyes for asking me to do what I please.

Since time and weather allows, I’ll be showing (in addition to other weekly style posts) quick snaps of what I’ve worn during the week. If you’ve followed me on Instagram over the years, you know that random iphone outfit photos are frequent in the spring, summer and fall. Without further ado, here we go!

Langston, the cat, was confused about me putting my foot on the chair in the hall. He was also confused by the slip ons I’ve been wearing for two weeks straight. See, when you find a pair that are denim, comfortable, and that perfect in-between height, you just go with it!

But also, this overcoat/trench number is new. It’s light enough to button in the middle without the mid-section fuss, but also light enough to leave open and wave with the wind. I kept the basics, basic. And my trusty blue-bag was great for the many things I collected throughout the day.

Because it was casual, but also sort-of dressed up, I wore it to a panel that evening, and quickly unbuttoned these pants when I got home.

Here’s similar:

Trench, shirt, pants, slip on shoes, bag

Maybe it comes as no surprise, the next day I was blindly drawn to a similar look. I didn’t realize until pulling this look together. All thoughts, style notes, and pieces, often threaded together.

These trousers were clearly more comfortable than the day before, which makes them damn-near dangerous. For most of the day, I wore the shirt out of the pants, which looked too dishevled after another glance. So I tucked them in and went on my merry way.

Here’s similar:

Trench, button-up, trousers, slip on shoes, and a bandana.

Then it got cold, which was truly a bummer. But also, I was too tired, and didn’t really have the bandwith to think about what I was wearing. And THERE came the one piece again. These things always come in handy. I gave up on the shoes, but maybe if we count them being green, I actually didn’t give up?

Here’s similar:

One piece, sneakers, sweater

And all of the sudden, the next day was blazing. And with that, I was tired of hiding my hair in scarves and bandanas and thought it was time to bring back the big poof. So I did just that.

The dress is vintage and feels very 90s. I felt casual and sexy and crazy comfortable, too. To bump the comfort up a notch (the 90s, too) I wore these 95 Airmax sneakers. The strap of the dress popped on my way home from dinner and ice cream with the kids later that night. Oak fell, he was crying, I picked him up and carried him on my hip. His weight dragged on the beads and one by one they fell on the dark gray tip of my sneakers. I held up one side of the dress until we made it home, afraid I’d flash some poor stranger. Later, I changed and we went right back out.

Here’s similar:

Dress, sneakers and woven bag.

How are you doing with your outfits and the weather?

2 thoughts on “What I Wore Last Week

  • Reply Grace May 31, 2019 at 12:20 am

    First, love the outfits.
    Second, is your cat named Langston for Langston Hughes?

    • Reply latonya May 31, 2019 at 1:17 pm

      Thak you! and hahah Yes!

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