Motherhood Right Now: Film Strips And Warm days

Motherhood right now is film strips and warm days.

It is cramped photo booths, legs twisted in large and layered knots.

Motherhood right now is open windows and early morning howls to the curb.

It is, already, matted curls and red cheeks. Things to de-tangle with care, too.

Motherhood right now is made-to-order shorts from flood-pants and mint-new shoes.

It is rosé in the evening with ice cubes floating only to melt in a warm mouth. It is warm and swollen feet (too much walking) and late-night Epsom salt baths.

Motherhood right now is corner store ice cream before dinner. And dinner only consisting of seasoned pesto pasta and cucumbers. Already.


Motherhood right now is end-of-year projects and questions of how it it all came and went so soon.

It is the wonderful anticipation and melancholy of the slip of a season–a school season– and the cusp of summer. So clear and so sweet. And and and…

How’s motherhood for you right now?

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