And Now We’re Serious…

We all know that sharing your calender can be the hallmark of a serious relationship. And I guess by now, things have gotten serious between us. I hope you feel the same!

While I am kind of bad at putting everything in my calender, I am great at sharing my calender with people who are important in my life. It allows for little guessing when it comes to schedules. Some people don’t like sharing calenders, and I don’t get it. (Even though I respect it.) I’ve always been the kind of person who likes to know everything.

You know, “What did you eat?” “When did you fall asleep?” Oh, and “What’s the meeting about again?” It helps me show up for people I love, And when I share mine, it holds me accountable.

With all of that in mind, here’s my May calender for all of you who have asked (and who aren’t interested).

Hopefully, I get to see you soon!

+ To RSVP for my FEED conversation with Lauren Bush Lauren (it’s all about work and balancing (and not) it all!) email

+ To RSVP for my conversation with my dear friend, Erin (Reading My Tea Leaves) on Radical Motherhood! RSVP at Books Are Magic Facebook events page.

+ You can purchase tickets for the ByBabba event (I believe there are a few available).

+ And for London, this is a private party thrown by the Violet Book! with just a few RSVP’S available! If you’d like to attend please email

P.S Do you have anything you’d love to hear Erin and myself discuss this Friday? Would love to add them to our list!


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