A Spring Vacation & Mini Book Tour

How does one work with kids? Or, keep-up with their life as a working mother in a unique busy season? Better yet, how does one do anything and not feel like one choice is better than the next?

I noticed that more often than not, I am confident in my parenting choices. And sometimes, when other’s question me, my choices then become little nugggets I need to scratch. Sooner than later, I realize it wasn’t my nugget. For a moment, I just took on someone else’s nugget. Projection in parenting and womanhood is still quite an issue.

And with that in mind, what happens when a mother decides to mix vacation and work? A mini book tour vacation, if you will.

While the kids are in school and we have a sitter and plenty of loving family around, I spend a lot of time with my children. Considering the above, I have very limited childcare, and this is sometimes complicated to explain in one post. In short, I often operate, if I can, from a space of navigating work with/around/ their full and long-term schedules. I realized long ago that while I do set up a few days of the week while they’re in school to have our sitter pick them up and head up the evening routine, larger scale things still need to be worked with them and around them. This is true for many working women.

To be honest, this is sometimes difficult, but also, a reminder in my own desires and confidence. I don’t always use the word present when describing my parenting, because sometimes being present is hard in the jugggle. But being there, and being available when I can is something I hold close. And in truth, being present (instead of saying I am present) is where my heart and head is.

We scheduled my L.A dates around their spring break, as they have many days off. Paying for childcare to leave for work, or paying for yet another full vacation away from it all, wasn’t in the cards.

Obviously, there were some moments that were difficult, hello time change and not driving! And many moments that were very easy, thank you sweet children!

We stayed at The Freehand hotel, which is located in downtown, Los Angeles. The location made everything seamless. But the hotel being artist, kid, and family friendly, made it all so much easier! We arrived to Easter baskets and wine (for me!), which entertained the kids during their downtime (along with these magic activities, this watch, and their stuffies).

I was lucky enough to have my sister join me for part of the weekend for emotional support and kid support. This was invaluable! She arrived early to help with my party on Saturday as well. She braided River’s hair and my hair before we headed out, and entertained the kids while I did my reading at LOOM with Erica.

There were three events in total, all on seperate days and scheduled around the kids’ naps, meals and activities. So the events became just something we had to do in our daily schedule. It allowed for vacation mode to really happen around the events. River and Oak were just so truly happy to be in L.A and attend. It was odd and beautiful to watch. I spent so much time talking to them about it all, checking in on their emotions and reassuring them, and they didn’t care too much either way. If anything, it has become an afirmation in how communicating with my children that way gives them confidence. And that confidence ultimately, leads to happy children. At least, for now. ha!

Tested out my new Ace & Jig x Keds sneakers most of the trip! They’re truly amazing, and such an easy stye choice.

For my LOOM event, I wore a gorgeous green Taylor Jay Dress .If you’ve never heard of Taylor Jay, here’s a bit about this sustainable woc Oakland based brand, “Our founder and CEO, Taylor Jay, began designing fashion for herself during a transitional period of her womanhood when her body was changing significantly in size and shape, and the fashion industry didn’t cater to her journey. She soon discovered that many other women shared the same experience, and what began as a journey of self-discovery has become a promise to all women to empower them with clothing that will adapt to their evolution. We envision a healthy, positive, and welcoming world in which women can thrive and grow without limits. That is why we produce clothing that can be integrated with any lifestyle, has strong lifetime value, and can safely be reabsorbed into the environment. We are working towards a Zero Waste future,”

I had a release party hosted by Doén (photos coming later this week!) and a final reader/ community gathering hosted by Moms In Color in Silver Lake Park.

In-between it all, we celebrated Easter with breakfast at Botegga Louie. . After naps, new friends invited us over for egg painting and egg hunting in a really sweet yard. It may have been one of their best holiday adventures!

After my Moms In Color event on Monday, the kids and I got a ride around Los Angeles with my friend Tennesse! We saw the Hollywood sign, hiked a bit in Griffith Park, and cooled down with some Jeni’s! We returned back to the hotel for a final swim as the sun was going down. They had chicken nuggets and I had a margarita and fries.

All in all, it can be done. It just almost always takes patience, imagination, support, and lots of love. I am blown away that I get to do even a small part of this journey with my two kids.

Have you ever had to mix work and vacation with children? I’d love to hear about your experience!

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