A Forgotten Spring Design Trick

With the New York weather wading somewhere between sunny and warm or gray and quite cold each day, many of us are grasping at our bag of tricks to feel the spring. Some days my trick is simply wearing a floral dress under a rain jacket (again). Other days, it’s diffusing lavender in my apartment so it feels a bit like a flower field far away from the concrete. There are other times when the trick is taking a walk when the rain slows down, and looking at the contrast of color between brownstones and the towering trees.

The other day, I tried another trick…

While I’ve known this to be true, I somehow forgot this when my apartment windows doubled. It’s so easy, but before you start purging and buying every flower in site, try cleaning your windows! It’s so simple, but so often we forget this until are well in summer.

The truth is, after many months of winter, the gray film on my windows became my normal. And the sun that went through felt forgiving and glorious on winter days. But now with the back and forth of good (and not-so good) weather, I realize how important it is to take a few hours to clean the windows. And not just the inside.

Despite the dreary weather and the cool temperatures, I felt a distinct change in my mood today. I’m blaming it on the windows. The windows that made my apartment feel all the more big. The windows, made the rain this am pretty. The windows made the blanket warm. The windows, when I returned home, motivated me to work. But most of all, without the purging and deep cleaning that claims most of our spring weekends, the windows made it seem (almost) unnecessary.

Have you cleaned your windows yet? And if you have any spring design tricks, please share.

A winter tip right here.

2 thoughts on “A Forgotten Spring Design Trick

  • Reply Monica Mulhern May 14, 2019 at 4:20 pm

    Fantastic trick! I live in Phoenix and also do it every spring as part of my spring cleaning, it automatically makes it feel fresher and ready to allow some sunshine and air in.

    • Reply latonya May 14, 2019 at 4:37 pm

      Love this Monica! I tend to forget, and then wondering why! It was such an easy and big change! So wild to feel the mood difference.

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