15 Accesible (Maybe) Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is in next Sunday, and I’m a bit indecisive… here’s what I’ve got…

Maybe I want a day alone,

Maybe I want to plant in the garden, or receive a a classic order

Maybe I want to turn off my phone for 24 hours,

Maybe I want a day of magazines and new books,

Maybe I want to relax with a new and pleasurable friend..

and dance in underwear without a care,

Maybe, actually, I want the day with the kids so I can sit back and marvel at their splendor,

Maybe, I want to eat dinner alone and not feel uncomfortable,

Maybe I want a pretty dress with nowhere to go

Maybe I want a cast iron set to throw down on a pie with a pretty new and easy cookbook

Maybe I want no news alerts,

Maybe, I want to splurge on a new-to-me lamp for my livingroom. To hardly turn on, but just to look at.

Maybe I want to help prisoned women (and mothers) with just my lips. Or babies, 0-12.

Maybe I want it all. At once. In one day.

Hold the guilt.

Cue the music.

And so it is.

What’s on your personal list? Or rather, something you’re giving to a mother in your life?

Pleasurable friend via Erin. Top photograph from Heather Moore for LaTonya Yvette.

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