On What It’s Like To Have Vitiligo

Vitiligo is like this surprise and hidden thing… Yet, it isn’t so hidden. It is part of the way I see myself. The way I see others. It has so much to do with how I write (and choose not to write) about beauty. It’s hard to explain something that others don’t see so clearly, but that is so obvious to you and who you are today.

Because of this, there’s an entire essay in Woman Of Color that weaves into my experience. Earlier this week while in Los Angeles, Nylon exclusively ran my essay. It’s funny to read it online, actually. Opening up about it, was such a deep part of my writing process– home felt right for it. But as we are three weeks out of my publishing date, and as summer and more skin is on the horizon, I imagine that there are more people who could possibly use my words. There are more people who need access. I know, looking back, that anything I found where there was a slight shared experience, I felt all the more strong and comfortable.

You can read the essay on Nylon, and there are how-to’s and lifestyle takeaways that go along with this essay in Woman Of Color.

As always, thank. you for letting me share.


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