On Trying A New Style Of Denim

Lately, I’ve been trying a new style of denim that everyone is having a run with. It started last year when I was gifted a pair of Rebecca Taylor jeans that I had monogrammed with “LY” one evening. They have a slight flare and reach my ankles, which made it easy to style them with a 70s flair. I wore them with ankle boots and tucked in shirts all winter and spring.

This spring a different version of denim is showing up everywhere, and it has a wider flare and stops right before the ankle. I wasn’t compltely sold yet, so I had to give my new Everlane denim a try.

Here are my personal hits:

  1. The denim is high, but not too high. If you’ve had the odd experience of having high-waisted pants feel straight uncomfortable, you know what I mean. I can sit without feeling like my ribs are contracting!
  2. I really love how much ankle the style shows. It gives you enough room to wear them with flats without feeling like you’ve lost the essential style of the jeans.
  3. The wash is perfection. A certain wash can make or break an ouftit, especially if you’re mixing in vintage items. My entire outfit (besides the jeans) is vintage.

Here are some personal misses:

  1. You have to size up. This isn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but I actually don’t like it. Either skip sizing or properly size?
  2. Because they have a vintage fit, the denim sucked in my butt a bit. Which, I didn’t like because it felt a bit off.

My Everlane jeans were a gift from Everlane as part of their denim drop. The second round is coming soon… get on the list!

How do you feel about this style of denim?

One thought on “On Trying A New Style Of Denim

  • Reply Asia May 20, 2019 at 4:27 pm

    I have to size up in all Everlane pants. Yet all their fit reviews talk about people needing to size down 1 to 2 sizes. It’s kind of annoying but you’re totally right, not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. I just wish Everlane made sizing a bit easier for everyone!

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