Making Old Easter Baskets New

Last Halloween I shared that we use the same baskets for practically every holiday. Easter is one of the holidays the baskets are the most handy. As a kid, I loved mutli-colored baskets filled with green paper, large chocolate bunnies, and plastic eggs filled with candy or coins.

I love this so much as an adult too. My love for it, is much like a kid, actually. Shiny. Pretty. Delicious. But I also feel bad buying things for two kids so frequently, that will be tossed so quickly.

We will be in L.A for my book tour this year, and will likely get spoiled with the aformentioned “toss” baskets. Despite that, I thought it would be helpful to go into what I normally do on the basket front for all of you still pulling it togehter!

I generally like to keep things small and old with a bit of new. For me it feels accesible, but still exciting.

Here’s my go-to list:

  1. Reusable baskets. Sturdy woven baskets are not cheap, but they keep their life. There are so many places to find these.
  2. An old tattered favorite book given like new.
  3. A new plush stuffy for the growing collection of animals.
  4. Tiny “stoop-find” animals for another growing collection of little things.
  5. Hand dyed silk scarf for filling and for playing. (Spoiler: once you make or recieve one, the playing is endless)
  6. Disposable cameras or film for their polaroids.
  7. Classic crayon and tiny notebooks
  8. Dyed eggs, cornerstore chocolate, favorite bars, and squeeze treats

How are you doing when it comes to the GREAT EASTER BASKET DEBATE?

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