Woman Of Color | How to Receive a Custom Rhodia Notebook and Brooklyn Map

TWO WEEKS! Ahh I’m sorry if you’re tired of this countdown. I promise, I’ll stop counting down after April 2nd. But we are getting closer to my book, Woman Of Color, and its feeling a bit wild lately.

There’s a definite buzz, and lots of dotting i’s and crossing t’s. I’m trying hard to sleep and create a self-care routine that helps sustain me mentally and physically over the next two months while it is wildly busy. Now that winter is over, I realize that I went really hard on work, and kind of dropped my day by day things to get me through. This week, I’m focusing on the toolbox analogy my therapist once used. I feel like I need all the tools in my toolbox. And I won’t feel guilt about oiling them up and putting them back to use.

How are you handling the transition from winter to spring?

Back to Woman Of Color, it will be at your door in two weeks if you pre-order it! If you’re in New York and L.A I will see you soon and be able to celebrate you in just two weeks as well (more soon).

As a thank you for your support and for pre-ordering Woman Of Color, I created a few custom gifts that are dear to my heart. One is a Rhodia notebook (I’ve kept one in my bag since last summer) I use to jot down notes, lists, or even a few ideas or words for a new piece I’m thinking of.

The other is a tri-fold custom Brooklyn map created with my friend, Emily that displays many of my favorite places in NYC. It also has places I love to go with the kids. So no matter if you’re dreaming of New York or really plan to visit, this map can help guide you.

Overall, these gifts are really about taking the journey and finding your way (and being okay if you do not). No matter if a chapter is talking about hair or style or motherhood, the overall message of this book is about the process of growing.

Image by Bee Walker

I hope this book finds its way to you this spring. It truly is a piece of me, and I hope these gifts fill your home too. If you haven’t already, you can pre-order Woman Of Color on Amazon, Indigo, Indiebound (just put in your zip and purchase from an indie near you!), Abrams, and exclusive signed copies (!) from Barnes & Noble

After you pre-order (or if you already have) fill out THIS FORM RIGHT HERE. And we will get the gifts to you. It’s really so easy! You have until April 2nd, 2019 to pre-order and fill out the form.

Thank you so much for all of your support so far. It really means a lot!

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