Woman Of Color, 1 Month Countdown!

Alright, friends! Its officially only one month left until my book, Woman Of Color is released. I thought I couldn’t feel more than I did last month, but I actually do! What a surprise! And also, not so surprising?

This week has been hard with sleep. My mind is still going through every single thing and scenario. I’m making an effort to stay on top of my anxiety, and implement all the tools to keep it manageable and make sleeping more consistent.

On Sunday, to celebrate the one month countdown, I answered a bunch of questions on my Instagram stories about the writing process and book. I also announced my launch event, at Greenlight Bookstore (I hope to see you there!).

We also re-launched my creative site, which hosts much of my work. I find that its always good to keep a record of what you’ve done over the years, as it can get lost between the Instagram squares.

I’m so excited to announce more events as time goes on, and to finally see the book in person. It has been such a long road. Feeling relieved to be on the next phase of it.

You can pre-order Woman Of Color right here. You can also pre-order it in your local bookstore. Thank you so much, as always. Forever. it means so much to have your support on this new path.

(Unpublished photography for Woman Of Color by Bee Walker, archival images are my own)

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