Friday’s Inspiration

Do you have a favorite photo of yourself? While this photo is quite old, it always makes me so happy. I think I was talking with my friend, her son on my lap. River was there playing too and it was her son’s first birthday. Peter snapped this and it became this instant memory in our family.

The colors, the day, the time when R was so tiny and it was simple (and not). Spring brings a unique way of making the most complicated so very simple; getting dressed, parenting, food, memories, healing, even a photograph. I love the hope and the necessary respite of this season. And l love that lately, I’ve been inspired not only by the love you all have shown, but by the love of my friends and family.

I hope you have a loving and amazing weekend. We have birthday party and organizing plans. Hopefully I’ll even pick up a new plant or two.



A BIG sale at one of my favorites

“But the black and Hispanic teenagers interviewed said they considered themselves proof that there is no disparity of effort or talent — just an imbalance of opportunity.” In their own words

Time to refresh your clocks


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