On Sunday’s Mess

One of my favorite Sunday things to do is to sit back and watch the kids play. Their play these days doesn’t include toys, its more like a mix of everything and anything they can find around the house. Which results in a Sunday mess. Sunday’s mess always lingers until Monday. And on this Monday when I’m a bit under the weather, it’ll likely go on until Tuesday.

And maybe thats the thing about having kids at any age? The joy and the mess kind of perpetually lingers. Day in and day out, as months and years go by. There’s no one day when it’ll all disappear. From what I hear, it most definitely won’t be when their teenage years. So, in the name of enjoying it, I’ll continue to sit back and  watch them happily make it a little bit longer.

What’s your favorite thing about Sundays? Playing music is a close second. 


basket is from Ikea. Similar here.

River is wearing a Mini Rodini squirrel sweater (no longer available. Here’s one just like it.)

 Oak is wearing a Mini Rodini track jacket

Have a great week!

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