Motherhood Right Now: Resolve To Have Them Take More Photos

Motherhood right now has its own resolutions. Like, the other day when we were walking to get soup River started to recall a memory in her childhood that I forgot. This is not new, somehow in being “in it” with them, many memories have been blurred. But River, with her own vast (and sometimes scary) memory keeps me on my toes, and is a constant refresher.

There’s no photographic evidence of the moment she was referencing, but our conversation about it served as a reminder to approach their unrelenting desire need to take photos with a bit more ease. Less words on “wasting film” and more of, “get me at this angle, too!” If you looked at our mason jar full of tiny instant film, you’d think this wasn’t something I needed to resolve to this year when it comes to motherhood. Yet, this weekend after that conversation and after a few brief moments when I said that they didn’t need to photograph everything, my tune has changed.

See, in that moment, River reminded me of what I love about photos. But far more sentimental than that, she reminded me how much I love it when my kids are the ones who take the photos. The photos help me remember something I may one day forget. And in a photo shot in their eyes, everything always looks better.

Of course, there’s so much more I want to work on this year when it comes to motherhood (being on time for school most mornings, for one. We’re on a four day streak!), but this is something that is so very easy to work on. Just let go a bit more. Let them take the photos. Pose, too.

Any parent-based resolutions of your own?

If your interested, here’s our photo taking gear:

+ Green Fujifilm Instax Mini

+ Film

+ Fujifilm X-E2 

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