How To Turn Something Old Into Something New

Long long ago, this blog was called Old, New and the Wee One Too. If you’ve been around that long, kudos! Thank you! Wow! Back then, my hope was to display the collaboration of whats old and new when it came to style. This idea also flowed into keeping, letting go, and accepting whats old anoldd new in my personal life as motherhood made me look at the varying shapes of womanhood.

While it wasn’t my intention, before I knew it, this same philosphy was extended into any design aspect I shared on the blog. Apartments changed and so did we. But the spirit to hold onto or acquire things that had life before us, still called me.

Over the last few months, I’ve been going back and forth on whether to pick-up the books that took up a corner of my dining room. I love the style of carefully stacked (and messy) books to read. But as the pile grew and we added two male kittens, the stack became a constant disheveled mess. I love a “lived-in” to a certain extent. And books sliding across my wood dining room floor quickly turned into one that I no-longer loved. This isn’t to say that there won’t be stacks of books still piled in some corner or on my side table, or on the floor in the kids’ room. Its just to say, sometimes containment is a good idea.

After some light searching, my friend forwarded me a Facebook ad from one of her friends. The message showcased a vintage console type thing reasonably priced for pick-up nearby. Up until then, I did the normal song and dance with any new thing I need (or think I need), I sat on it and waited. I talked about it. Rolled it over a few times. And when the thinking was done, I went back to the corned and cleaned up the mess. Sometimes things just happened, and the right pieces of furniture with their own stories show up on your stoop. Or in your messages, and you can be done thinking of it.

The console type thing turned out to be a bar cart, half the price in need of just a little tlc. There’s a heart etched into it, which I assume is the work of a child and old bottle holders cover with a thin piece of cardboard to make the surface flat. I need some knobs with charm, and maybe a good wood coat that only brings out it’s texture. But for now, it holds the books and the speakers and even the records, and the mess is cleaned up. More than that, there’s a new story in my dining room. A story that lived before me, and one that gets created as we go to spin new sounds that serenade us at night.

Here’s to whats old and what’s new, may we continue to embrace it.

If you’re interested: my record player is from right here.

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