Friday’s Inspiration

A deep kind of chill found itself in the curves of our bodies here in New York this week. I want to be cozy and inside all weekend. I also want to be anywhere warm, so I’ve spent part of the work-day tabbing flights to sunshine places. Places that include less layers and thawed-out fingers. River turns eight tomorrow, and so I’m preparing for that. We are so excited! A big ol’ sleepover and lots of slime. Wish me luck!

This week I’ve been inspired by the support I received when I shared more about celebrating myself and you. It’s something I want all of us to do. Will you join me? The countdown to Woman Of Color has officially begun! When thinking of how to share it and when to celebrate, I’ve been saying, “If not now, then when?” There will be more of that in tonight’s newsletter. And if you haven’t yet, you can pre-order right here. Or put in a request at your local bookstore or library.

I’ve also been inspired by the women opening up their hearts and minds to share their own stories around #METOO #MUTERKELLY and #FreeCyntonia (learn how to help her after she’s free right here). There’s so much hurt and pain and it is important that people take care of themselves (especially black women) right now. All of it in a matter of weeks only highlights our reality. A reality that says the safety and mental health of black children and women is often disregarded. You can follow the hashtags on social media and read a bit and learn if you haven’t already. 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.





(photograph by Grég E. )

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