What To Wear When: A Dress Has Been In Your Closet Too Long

A few weeks ago I realized it’s been awhile since I last wore one of my favorite dresses. There was no real reason other than seasons and the arrival of more dresses. The time away from wearing it made it less exciting. And as part of my own method of looking at the last time you’ve worn something, and if you’ll wear it again, I needed to give it a good look through and subsequent run. In my look through, I thought about the last time I wore it and how I would feel in it now. I knew it would be larger, I was 15 pounds heavier last time I put it on. I came up with a rule right then, if I feel larger in it, I’d sell it. If I can’t figure out an outfit right now, and plan three more days to wear it, I’d sell it.

In five minutes I was able to piece this together, and save it from a new home… for now.

A dress, a blue turtleneck, knee-high boots, a vintage suede belt, and a vintage hat (similar here).




2 thoughts on “What To Wear When: A Dress Has Been In Your Closet Too Long

  • Reply Katie January 4, 2019 at 11:08 am

    Those boots are magical and seem to go with everything? Great outfit!

    • Reply latonya January 4, 2019 at 11:37 am

      They kind of do! It’s so crazy!

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