Gift Guide: A Home Space. A Safe Space

For dinner last night, the kids and I had chickpeas delivered from a friend, rice I made during work and avocado with salt sprinkled on top. Having the cooked chickpeas on hand gave room for a longer night. Instead of running to brush teeth and read books, we layered up in pajamas and watched most of a Christmas movie with yogurt for desert. A candle flickered from the dining room, and our Christmas tree lit up their faces. The kittens snuggled on a dining room chair and the heater cranked. When they were fast asleep, and the babysitter came, I went out to celebrate a friend’s birthday. I could have easily stayed in, watching the clock go on and lingering with wine just a bit longer.

Evenings-in as a family, a single person, or as a couple, can be fun, playful and romantic, with just a few things. And in my opinion, they turn out to be thoughtful gifts. Here’s a gift guide that I hope will help spark your imagination, so that one of this year’s gift is spent a space you call home. A safe space.


+ A subscription to The New Yorker

+ A bottle of their favorite with a monthly wine subscription 

+ Organic lube to get things started and candles to light along with it.

+ Flannel pajamas with an eye mask to keep the morning away.


+ A classic Board game, for the kid who always says sorry, but has no idea how much fun the game is.

+ A projector, because if you can’t be at the movies, you can always recreate it time and time again.

+ For post-dinner dance parties, before the movie in.


+ Matching Hanna Andersson Long John organic pajamas, because nights in as a family are just 10x cuter with them.

+ Because toes are for eating (and they’re 50% off today only!) And¬†blankets are for cuddling. ,

In the spirit of action based giving, and based on the reality that home is such a fragile place for many, you can help the homeless by giving a Metro card this year and helping them find somewhere warm to sleep. If you’re local, you can volunteer at places like The Bowery Mission, or a homeless shelter near you.

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