A New York City Winter Guide

The days leading up to Christmas can feel like a  mix of everyone’s events except one’s own. If you’re in the city and looking to slow down and connect with the ones you love, then this guide is for you. And if you’re not in the city, I’m sure there are similar events in your neck of the woods.

+ Head uptown to the Holiday Train show at The New York Botanical Gardens. 

+ Then on your way downtown, enjoy “a chocolate soup” as my kids like to call it, at The City Bakery. 

+ If you go to the 5th avenue windows before it gets dark, you may miss the crowds. And even if you do, it’s still a beautiful site.

+ Before retiring for the night, you can enjoy a quick trip around the rink at the Brookfield Place ice skating rink!


Happy winter activities!

(Illustration by Emily De’ Nicolais)

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