What To wear When: Nights Grow Longer

It feels as if day to evening moves too quickly. One minute we are out running around and playing, and next, the chill has set in hard and it is pitch black. We run inside, but there’s so much of the afternoon and early evening left. Time to play indoors, or have friends over for dinner and drinks. For the frequent day to evening transition, when I want to go from boots to no socks or shoes, but still feel like LaTonya, I’ve been returning back to an uplifted comfort. Like this one, but slightly different.

   When the kids are down, and start to ready myself for bed, I am definently grabbing my plaid pajamas and robe, without hesitation. But for those days when I quickly rush into the weird space of too dark to go out, but too early to get in pajamas, I am wearing outfits like this.

What are you wearing during these short days and long nights?

Liza shirt and Caroline pant c/o of Ilana Kohn |

Similar hoop earrings,

A red bandana 

and lots of seperate knits here too

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