Friday’s Inspiration

This week’s Friday’s Inspiration is all about community. How we honor it, how we are active in it,  how we build it, and how we come to define it. I am feeling active and also a bit burned as we close the week. I am finding that my mind is simmering on a few things that I would like to share and maybe you can also simmer on as well. Earlier in the week I did a live Instagram video on this exact subject; the responses and conversations that resulted in my messages, emails, and amongst my assistant, Josie, and myself were profound. This space is an extention of that and so, without further ado, here are a few questions to ask yourself this weekend …

+ How do we honor those who have inspired us within our immediate and surrounding communities?

+ How do we ensure that our online communities and our real-life communities are not autonomous?

+ How can we continually actively engage and support marginalized communities while also working, living, etc?

+ How do we make sure the companies we support and/or that are born in such a time, are not simply using diversity as a marketing tool, but are weaving diversity in their ethos?

+ How can we get our kids involved in community in ways that are simple and yet, powerful?

+ Lastly, how are we thanking those in our community for their support?


(Photo by Heather Moore for LaTonya Yvette x Barneys)

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