The 16 Songs On My Autumn Playlist

In the coming days and weeks, they’ll be more days spent indoors than outdoors. For my house, this means more music (and dancing, too). There is music constantly on in the background while working, cleaning, cooking, playing, and even reading. There are no exceptions, because I truly believe in it’s transformative nature. To celebrate autumn, here’s a little playlist I put together. I am no DJ, and there is no mood or order, but I hope you find it as enjoyable. Please share some of your autumn favorites so I can add them.

P.S While I’ve been using different streaming methods, this is our speaker. I LOVE IT!!

(Photo of Barry White and Golden White)

One thought on “The 16 Songs On My Autumn Playlist

  • Reply Female Background October 18, 2018 at 5:54 pm

    I needed this! So brilliant! Sound truly ties the home together. Thank you!

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