A Summer Day In The Life | A Video

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I have a layered relationship with home. It’s something I’ve talked about in previous blog posts; but as summer is here, and I spend at least three full days with the kids, without work and camps, I realize that this relationship has shifted a bit.

I felt it at the start of summer, when mornings that used to be rushed, became slow, cartoon-ridden, naked, with yogurt at the desk. I would lie around with them. Afternoons became packed with adventures, packed lunches, and dinners outside, on the stoop, in the backyard–just rarely at the table. As a New Yorker, and also as a mom, I consider a lot to create that feeling of home that I need and want my kids to have. I’m interested in how the furniture, the art, the curtains, speak to this definition and become a part of our daily ritual in home. And that goes for the appliances too!

This winter, after Oak’s surgery, we were gifted a Samsung Family Hub refrigerator to house all the meals we still had left floating from friends. The fridge was a welcomed gift; but also, at that time in particular, when home was especially sacred and healing, it was odd feeling to have something foreign enter it. Like a new paint color that takes some getting used to. You know? You go over it a good two times, step back and cock your head a bit. Take a photo. Ask a friend. Return to the same question a day later, only to realize, it takes time.

While this fridge is by far the fanciest thing I’ve ever owned, and this apartment is large and unicorn-like in nature (more on it soon!), the energy within our space is comforting and loving. It was a relief to know that a huge, cold addition didn’t obstruct that; rather, enhanced it! For instance, in the evenings when I’m prepping dinner, the kids to decide to use an app to draw or leave memos for me or one another. We have hosted six parties since we’ve received it, large groups gathering in the kitchen, grabbing a bottle of wine and switching between Brazilian radio or a classic R&B station, both humming from the fridge (yes, you read that right!). There are many days I place an order to Instacart from my fridge; and wobbly morning walks to make coffee where I’m greeted with the time and weather. On a silvery morning, I love the detailed rain drops and a cloud hovering the temperature. There is rain in the forecast, which means the kids will sleep a little longer, so coffee, waits a bit.

And while I am a complete fan of everything old and kind of wonky and weird, you guys, this fridge! It also has me convinced that what we remember from our childhoods, and the feeling of that warm, homey kitchen, it isn’t lost! It’s something that we can still celebrate, and in a way that makes sense for our family. That makes our home. I know it’s real because we experience it every day in our weird little Brooklyn apartment.

In partnership with Samsung, I’m excited to share a video that highlights typical summer’s day with my little family, with you.

What does the kitchen mean in your home? Are there any unique routines that surround it? 


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