The Coziest New Bedding for Mother’s Day! (And 5 Ways To Make Bedtime A Priority)

This post is in partnership with The Company Store

I have a question, how has bedtime differed since becoming a mother? For me, it is something that forms with the stages of my children…

For instance, in the beginning, when River was tiny and sleeping in the bed next to me, or when I found myself crawling out of bed to hush her back to sleep in our third-floor rail-road apartment, it was bedding that looked bright and felt comfortable. Something to combat the winter newborn stage and usher in spring. As the kids have gotten older, bedding has fallen to the back-burner until recently. Recently, my bedtime routine has formed into a form of self care.

Isn’t it funny how that can happen? In partnership with The Company Store (a bedding company that has been making some of the world’s most coziest comforters for years!) I’m sharing a few ways I make my bedtime routine a priority for me. As a mother, not to mention, with all the work things on my plate (writing, styling, shooting the images for my book), I find bedtime to be my time to restore.

1. Every morning I roll over and make my bed. It makes the movement around my day, as a mother, a writer, and a stylist, so much easier. There’s something about a well-made bed everyday that makes me feel more put together.

2. I keep live plants or flowers beside my bed to make the room always feel comforting and alive.

3. New York winters can be brutal, so I always leave the shades open so the sun can make the room feel like spring.

4. Speaking of spring, I usually have pink, neutral, or floral bedding to make the room feel the same. I love this, this and this from The Company Store. (will link)

5. Before bed, I have a routine; bath, tea, bed.

Since Mother’s Day is right around the corner, it feels important to not just remember and allow the celebration of what we are to everyone else, but what we need to be for ourselves. This year, bedtime means more than just a place to sleep, it means a sanctuary and a safe space to rest and recuperate, and am happy to have The Company Store bedding along for it.

Any bedtime stories of your own? #ShareYourBedtimeStory with The Company Store

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(Photography by Amanda Petersen for LaTonya Yvette| This post is in partnership with The Company Store 

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