One Bandana, One Outfit, Two Ways

These days, most of my time is spent at a computer or running errands, or bouncing around the city with the kids. When I go out, I try and change into something that feels like a  little shift in my body and mind.
But when I need it during the day, I’ve been using scarves as ways to dress up or twist a look. Lately, it’s been this Madewell bandana. Now that it’s spring, I love wearing the bandana in a few ways, here’s how…

Around the neck. The cool thing about wearing a bandana around the neck, is that there are light variations of the same wear, that make it look quite different. I like mine tied tightly, but you can loosen it, keep it in a triangle with a knot in the back or knot in the front.
Tied around your head. When my hair is braided, I like using a bandana when they’re on their last stretch. I like to leave a little room in front to show my hair. When my hair is out and wild, I love when the edge of the bandana is on my forehead, leaving hair out in the back.

You can go to a local thrift or vintage store, and buy a bunch for just a couple of dollars and change up the color and style as you wish.

If you’re wondering, I’m wearing a Madewell jean jacket, vintage Levi’s (similar) vintage top, and J.Crew earrings (similar).

(Photography by Amanda Petersen for LaTonya Yvette)

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