My New Design Quirk

I’ve been learning all these little things about myself at home lately. Like how I actually don’t like ┬áhand towels, and would rather a full towel on the rack most days. Recently, I stuffed toilet tissue in this sack and hung it in the bathroom like my friend, Mengly.

A month or so ago I bought three vintage nesting tables and put one on the side of my bed as a side table. Before this table, I never purchased a table for the side of my bed, because the potential clutter it could cause turned me off. I knew I needed a space for my phone, and the occasional books, and if I’m in the mood, a candle. But anything more felt like a surface for clutter, so I mostly avoided an actual table.

Now that I have one, it’s been so nice to move things off and on and around, adding flowers, a plant, slight changes. With the table, I’ve also been able to see how often I grab for the same book, or how much water I’ll drink before I wake, or the scents I like to wake up to. There’s also the realization that a huge bouquet can create an instant morning joy.

What do you keep on your side table? Any weird home design things you’re learning as you get older?

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