Beauty: Nicole’s Freckles

I have known Nicole for many years, and I am always blown away by her beauty and her story. Today she shares more about her freckles…

Tell us a little about yourself..
I grew up in NYC, the only child of the most amazing single mama. I used to work in public relations. After having my son, Lucas, I decided to try my hand at freelancing, allowing me the flexibility to be at home with my children. I currently write, create content, and run my blog, Lillies and León.

What has your relationship been with your freckles?
At some point–I think around junior high school–I began to despise my freckles. I didn’t want to feel “different”. My mother would always remind me how beautiful and special having freckles was; but despite that, I wound up begging her if we could bleach them! I cringe thinking back on that time. I’m sure you can guess my mom’s response. Over time, I grew to love my freckles, and they are now one of my favorite features


Do you think there are cultural misconceptions about your freckles?
I’ve heard more times then I care to remember that ” I don’t look Puerto Rican”. A big reason for this is my freckles. I love firing back and asking, “What exactly does a Puerto Rican look like?” My family comes in every shade. Some have freckles; some don’t. I know so many women of color with beautiful freckled skin and I wish this misconception would tire out.

What do you think is the best thing about having freckles?
The way they deepen in color and multiply as the seasons transition from cold to warm. It’s as if they’re saying, “Nice to see you summer,” and they reflect how I feel inside: happy, kissed by the sun–literally.

Share your thoughts and advice about embracing your own beautiful features, particularly your freckles.


As a mother, it is so incredibly important that my daughter learns her own worth and how to practice self-love. It begins with me. I want her to love every inch of herself and find beauty in what others may consider a flaw. These are the pieces of ourselves that make us unique. They are what makes us shine. Embrace every inch of yourself–your freckles are beautiful!

Thank you Nicole! Photography by Heather Moore for LaTonya Yvette

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