New Orleans Photos

I dipped away, a little time and space to be alone, to write, and to sleep. I dipped away and felt things that I think I wouldn’t have felt if I didn’t dip away. I came home, and almost upon returning, felt the overwhelming nature of all that remains on my plate. All good stuff, but all. All being, a lot. And so, sorry for the silence and delay sharing these images. I needed a few days marveling at the fluffy snow that blanketed the city upon my arrival, and at my kids who missed me more in just a few days than I expected. We all needed a break from one another, but oh man, it feels good to be home and have them wrapped in my arms and hear, “Mama!! Mama!”

Anyway, here are a few photos form New Orleans…

It rained a lot while I was there, but instead of causing me to run in, I just wanted to walk the empty rainy streets. This house was in the Lower Garden District.

A highlight of the trip was going to visit the murals. I loved finding one by the Lower East Side Girls Club! 


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