My Styling Trick For A Winter Funk

Have you ever been in a general funk with your clothes? For me, it normally happens in the impatient and painful space between winter and spring. That spot when I’m sort of over winter and itching for the warmth of spring. Whenever I’m in a funk, there’s only one thing that kind of gets me out of it, and gets me inspired to get dressed again…

┬áIt’s always been thrifting! I find that sometimes shopping online and then receiving the pieces in the mail, can be a short lived and compressed. Going to a store sometimes feels too time consuming with a busy schedule (and again, expensive).

I found this coat on sale at the flea market and I bought these glasses as a joke. I’ve been wearing both, even with unpredictable weather. Sometimes, it’s the little things that get you back into the spirit, and have you excited to get dressed again.

Similar glasses, similar coat, J. Crew Nordic boots (almost 60% off!), scarf

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