A Meaningful Way To Decorate A Room

I can’t believe May will make a year in this apartment! So much of moving here and even designing it slowly, was the reality that I wanted and needed it to be a home. It needed to be full of security, consistency, and love. The process of moving in here and the magic of this place (and within it) has proven to be all of the above and more.

River and Oak not only take care of one another, they remind me that sometimes, having children means that responsibility also takes care of you. Our love keeps one another. Their room needed to be an example of this. While we are still decorating, I wanted to share the mural my friend, Jenna Gribbon painted in their room.

The mural is a River surrounding an Oak tree. At night, the kids look at their ceiling and see the lights that look like stars, and the river and the oak tree across from their beds, and the animals and plants that surround them and often declare we aren’t in New York City anymore. When it was finished, River said, “Now we have our own forest in the middle of our city!”
Any other ways you personalize or make your home decor more meaningful? 

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  • Reply katherine March 3, 2018 at 8:23 pm

    What a beautiful tribute to your kids! Such a powerful reminder that they belong with each other.
    PS I’m a new follower, came to find you after you were featured on Cup of Jo. I’ve been enjoying reading through your previous posts; you’re a thoughtful writer and you capture moments and feelings so well.

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