5 Things I Did When I Moved To New York

Happy Valentine’s Day! There is no other place that makes me feel the way I do in New York. Yes, I was born here. But it’s not just the feeling of home, it’s the feeling of being in love with many things at once, the people, the sounds, and the opportunities. It can be difficult, and during winter I often dream of escaping to a warmer climate. Still, my love for this city, is big and strange.

To celebrate, Audre (who moved to New York in the fall), is sharing five things right away..

1. Sussed out the best pizza in the hood: mine happens to be Ogliastro on Washington Ave.

2. Saw a cockroach for the first time in my life and let out a strangled yelp of suprise/horror. Proceeded to have a one-sided screaming match with the bug as I tried to catch it to take outside and it wasn’t having any of it. Finally completed my New Yorker rite-of-passage and had to squish it. Felt slightly faint with adrenaline and remorse.

3. Meandered through Prospect Park! Sighed with happiness at the plentitude of dogs and toddlers.

4. Ran to Homecoming on Franklin St. and caressed the beautiful plants and handmade ceramics. Became instantly overwhelmed by my sudden need to become a plant lady and took home my new snake plant and ficus lyrata, along with some wood-fired clay planters that were too good to pass up.

5. Had my first ever gospel Sunday brunch at Sylvia’s in Harlem: asides from the near-Godly perfection of the cornbread, collard greens, and black-eyed peas, the highlight of the meal was watching the OG customers in their Sunday best posting up at the tables.

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  • Reply Sheba February 22, 2018 at 7:37 pm

    I look forward to moving to New York and have my first experiences.

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