The Morning Of River’s 7th Birthday

Last week, with much excitement and anticipation, River turned 7. That week, day and weekend was filled with celebrations, and it was all so worth it. Some words and a few more images from the morning of her birthday below…

On the morning of her 7th birthday, she wore a sparkly silver dress and tangled herself in the dozen of balloons I blew the night before. She tied the laces on her new rollerblades with sleep still in her eyes, and her brother’s toes curled beside her-both giddy with excitement. She picked the record and tested her skates down the creaky old halls. Oak called it a party as I stuck the candle in her thin pancake drenched in maple syrup. She grinned wide and hearty and blew out her candle as the sun started to rise above Brooklyn.

We started the tradition of balloon blowing the evening before with a present for her to wake up to years ago after seeing my friend Emily do it. It always feels a little like Christmas.

Are there any little birthday traditions you do with your kids?


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