What Are You Wearing As We End The Year?


What are you wearing as the year comes to an end?

I ask because it feels like most people are foraging their closets and trying on all their forgotten pieces to only wear them for the first time one last time. Like the way we must settle debts and grievances with family and friends as a year comes to end. We often cross that same relationship hurtle with the pieces in our closet.
“Why didn’t I wear that that one day?” Does that sound familiar?
I’m settling for things I feel like round out the me I am as I end this year. That woman is so different than the one who entered 2017, and yet she grabs for many of the same things. But she wears them differently. A little more bold, less armor, more comfort.


If you’re wondering, I’m wearing: my favorite sweater, vintage trousers, vintage boots, Petria Lenehan tweed coat.

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  • Reply Libby December 27, 2017 at 11:39 pm

    We're going to a fancy NYE party. I'm wearing a gold, sequined dress that forces people to look at me. And the Me that walked into 2017 was not the girl who was wanting you to stare but 2018 Me is and SHE is starting the year in this friggin' dress. 😉

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