Intentional Table Styling

This post is in partnership with East Fork Pottery.

I don’t like the fluff or stress of styling it when it comes to the holidays. I don’t want to tell you to purchase fluff to make your table look fluffy. My style, if you’ve been here long enough is all about making what works for you work. Truly. And with Thanksgiving arriving in just a few short days, maybe you’re feeling the pressure of deciding between un-fluffed styling and fluffed styling? I think I have some answers for you..

I like to keep table styling as intentional, elective, and fluid as I like my clothes. The weird thing about styling tables is that people often respond to it in the same breath they respond to the actual food,”These napkins are divine. This turkey is so moist!” And so, for lack of a better term, there’s pressure. But when you kick the fluff, and focus on why you’re really there and only keep items made of that same intention and love, there’s no room for the aforementioned stuff.

East Fork Pottery is pottery that in it’s creation and life-span resists trends, and all that fluff. It is made by a team of makers thirty minutes northwest of Asheville, North Carolina.

Each dish is beautiful and unique. And as someone who often has little hands around the table, they often make for the perfect dishes for kids as well. Here’s how we styled a few of their pieces…


East Fork Pottery also offers petite gift boxes, so you can give intentionally this holiday season. 
(This post was in partnership with East Fork Pottery, styled by me and assisted by Audree and Josie. Thanks ladies!)


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    Beautiful! – Abby

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      thank you!

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