A Weekend To Do List

What a wet and chilly New York week we had. It’s also been a busy work week as I wrap up a few things before Oak’s surgery. So I am taking the next few days to slow completely down and quiet my mind and body. If you’re interested in what I’m reading, watching, eating, and wearing, you’ll find it below….

… I’m wearing this outside to keep warm. This inside to keep comfortable and stylish. And these to keep cozy.

…. I’m reading this. You need it! Like now.

….I’ll stop in for a fancy bite at Roman’s. Because the holidays are here and I am feeling the dew-filled windows and coziness. Also, THE FOOD.

….. and is anyone else still in-love with Stan Smith adidas with thick socks and tweed coats this winter? I am!


Have a relaxing weekend!

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