A Stylist & Vintage Expert Shares 7 Vintage Items She Wants This Season

Subrina has effortless easy style and seems always be in the process of editing her closet each time we talk. All of this while raising her three year old son, Elliot, and running an elaborate and well-researched vintage shop. She’s a stylist and vintage expert, and her eye is impeccable (seriously, this yellow top on her skin!). Today she is sharing seven vintage items she wants to purchase for herself this season…

1. Square toed low heel boots- I just snagged a vintage YSL square toed boot and I feel like everything in my life led up to this moment. I have size 9 feet so I avoid overly pointy shoes which is why a subtle square toe works, I’m styling these with tailored trousers and my oversized Ralph Lauren sweater.

2. Dramatic costume earrings – I have always worn minimal to no earrings but lately I have been into vintage costume jewelry from unknown French designers to Christian Lacroix which is very hard to find but a good eBay dig will unearth some real gems. I’m styling these with simple buttons ups over turtle neck sweaters, jeans and a good glove heel.

3. Tailored vintage trousers – these days I find myself reaching for tailored trousers over jeans which means since I work from home and the most important work related errand I run is going to the post office, I end up looking over dressed for everything. However, a good tailored trousers makes me feel pulled together no matter what I decide to pair it with. A good tip for finding good vintage tailored trousers is knowing your body measurements so waist, hip, inseam and rise(how high you want your trousers to hit in your waist). Some good vintage brands are YSL, Hermès, Gap, Armani. I wear tailored trousers with everything, with oversized blazers, turtlenecks, simple sweater and mules or a pretty wrap top for a night out.

4. Vintage Cashmere coats – so many people avoid wool because of its itchy feel but most winter coats have some percentage of wool in it so this year I decided to go on a hunt for the coolest most comfortable coat I could find and I found a pile of amazingly warm vintage cashmere coats. It’s great because you get the warmth without the itch and if you keep your eye out you’ll find one under $100.

5. I have been obsessively looking for vintage Levi’s 550 jeans made in Mexico. I know 501s are all the rage but I’ve found that 501s do not fit most women as well as say 550 or 505. The 550s made in Mexico are softer, have a lower rise for short torso girls, and the tapered straight leg is magical. These jeans go with everything in my closet.

6. Another thing I keep scouring the internet for are vintage silk scarves, I am a sucker for the iconic Gucci floral ones but I’ll take anything that’s a 35” square because it’ll keep my neck warm and double as the most gentle wrap for my Afro when I can’t be bothered to style my hair.

7. And finally, wrap dresses. I wanted to type that in all caps because of how happy wrap dresses make me. They are the one thing I can not live without this winter. Whether I’m wearing it with knee high (square toed) boots, or wearing with jeans and a mule with socks, or layering with a thin turtle neck for even more warmth. I have been lucky enough to find some that are knit from this shop in Spain called Uber den Wolken.

Thank you Subrina! If you’d like to shop her vintage finds, you can hop on over to her shop!

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  • Reply Jen F January 10, 2018 at 5:05 pm

    Come to Portland! I've seen many 550s made in Mexico at the Goodwills here! 🙂

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