8 Things I’ve Learned As A Vegetarian

I’ve been a vegetarian for almost a year now, and I can’t believe how fast time flies! My approach to vegetarianism has been fluid, and something that felt right for the next phase of my life, for however long I felt like being in it.

Here are 8 things I’ve learned so far:

1. The transition was extremely easy. The last time I had beef or pork was about 13 years ago, and cutting out chicken and turkey was something I desired, but seemed overwhelming.

2. I aligned more with it as spiritual and mental transition.

3.  For me, eating has often felt like a chore. I thought that changing what I ate would mean it felt less so. But, it still does. I’m not sure what it is; I believe I’ve always have been this way. I will feed everyone else, pack an elaborate lunch, decorate the table, and will keep plowing through tasks without breaking or feeding myself. While I’ve gotten 10x better with this, this change comes with effort.

However, there are some answers I found in becoming a vegetarian; I will eat more often because I have less options and room to be indecisive. I also feel hungry more often: I am no longer filling up on bread and pasta and no veggies. I eat more complex plates full of good lightweight stuff, and so I feel hungry sooner than later. But I also don’t ignore those hunger pains as I once did.

4.  I’m not a strict vegetarian-and maybe that is a bit controversial? I consume fish on occasion, if it is the only non-meat option offered. And in general, #balance.

5. I cook more whole food based meals for myself and the kids. We ate pretty healthy before, and mostly purchased organic ingredients, but the meals I create are way more rounded.

6. I’ve lost weight. I didn’t turn to vegetarianism to lose weight. It had nothing to do with that at all- and yet, it has been a surprising addition to the process. This has everything to do with grabbing for better options to fulfill me.

7.  In general, I feel less lethargic, which is a huge plus. I’m also more aware of my vitamin levels, and in that, taking my vitamins everyday.

8. I don’t really have a set goal. I don’t know if this is an indefinite life choice, and I don’t have a hard stop. I am just going with it.


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