8 Little One-On-One Dates

A few weeks ago,  I sat on River and Oak’s bed as they played in their room. I disappeared under their blankets and listened to their games and conversations with imaginary friends. I watched them unearth every single toy that was stuffed in their baskets, and was amazed when they acted as if they uncovered a forgotten gem when some tiny plastic thing-a-majig was found in the dusty corners of their castle. That same afternoon, a dear friend called and soon we were discussing the easiest and most effective ways in which we create magic when life seems a tad overwhelming. I found a moment like that-still and chaotic-magical. But with the holidays quickly approaching, my desire to whip something grand (and small) feels as real as that single moment. 

Throughout the years, I’ve leaned on little dates to divide and conquer attention and love with two little ones with often different interests and personalities. And so, as this holiday season is in full swing, I wanted to share 8 little dates that are simple (and magical):

1. Hot chocolate at your local cafe.


2.  Frosted taxi cabs around town to visit tiny local gift shops.


3. Warm donuts bright and early on a Saturday morning devoured on a park bench.


4. A theatre day date. (movie theatre. Less expensive and somehow more magical?)


5. Long evening walks to visit “the houses with lights” when everyone starts to decorate.


6. An afternoon at the local bookstore reading in a favorite corner. Alternatively, an afternoon at your local library renting dvd’s and reading faithful favorites.


7. Creating and making pretty much anything one on one. This includes decorations, baking, and early home-made gifts for family.



8. A one on one conversation spent holding hands and doing any odd thing that they find remotely interesting. Phone off.

Any date ideas of your own? I would love some suggestions!



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  • Reply Molly November 15, 2017 at 4:21 am

    Ahhh these are wonderful ideas!!! Will be doing some of these— thank you!! I love how you capture bits of the magic of life with your writing. One of my fave one-on-one dates w my kids is the science museum here in queens, if we can manage to go on a weekday it’s so calm and still and there’s so much fun exploring together. (The NY Hall of Science— it’s so great!)

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