Motherhood Right Now

Motherhood right now is dinner parties with wild three year olds, upbeat playlists, paper shredded in their room for future pretend orders that include eggs Benedict, white rice and coffee. It is conversations on parenthood, pressures of womanhood, bodies, paid maternity leave, healthcare, responsibilities, and thought provoking conversation starters about the true definition of equivalent partnerships and the glorification of motherhood etc…

Motherhood right now is failed gnocchi allowing for even better traingle peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on whole wheat bread with the crust off…

As if to say; Why waste your time, Mama?

As if to say; Life is complicated, but some things remain quite simple, Mama.

As if to say; Why are you surprised? We crave this because you once craved this that one time we called your belly home, Mama.


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