Misha and Puff’s Women’s Collection

Anna Wallack has earned herself a cult-like following for her well designed and ethically made knits worn by little ones spanning from New York to Sweden. This is the third year in which Oak and River have adorned her designs as the walk down the sidewalk with their popcorns popping off their knits and little bobbles bobbling along the concrete. And for the second year, Anna is hitting the women’s market.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, or recently watched me dance to Florence on instagram, you’ll recognize Misha and Puff’s older designs. Many of you have asked about my favorite sweater; it was a sweet gift from Anna a year ago. I’ve worn it faithfully since I first received it, and I am happy to announce the newest collection is larger and even more jaw-dropping.

Here are a few images shot at the Parker River Wildlife Refuge in Newbury, MASS…


The beautiful thing about Misha and Puff’s Women’s collection is that you never risk style for comfort. Everything is equally as cozy as it is down right striking. They’re investment pieces that continue giving long after your purchase.
What is something that you consider when purchasing knits for yourself and your little ones? 
P.S that instagram dancing video
(Photography by Leonard Greco for Misha and Puff)

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