9 Vintage Shops You Should Visit In NYC

Today is National Thrift Shop Day and if you’ve been following this blog for some time, you know that I not only love thrift shopping, I truly believe in the power it wields within our desire (or lack there of) to get dressed every day. More importantly, the importance in re-using when we are thinking of our environment.

With that said, I am not an obsessive thrift shopper. I don’t long to do it everyday, nor do I need look through every single rack. I grew up thrifting, so I’ve developed a system that saves me time, money, and usually, a stop in the dressing room.

While I am probably a little annoying to thrift with at times, a few of my friends often call me when they have a special event they find hard to shop for. In addition to having my own methods (I’ll share more on that soon), I have a few go-to places around NYC that never fail me.

While I believe a good thrift shop is a woman’s best kept secret, here are 9 that I suggest visiting:

L Train Vintage | East Village 
Every time I try to skip this location, it calls me right in. Immediately, you’ll find a plethora of cool shirts and skirts sitting hung next to silk scarves and army jackets. The way it’s laid it, you kind of have to keep searching through the space. The fitting rooms are always a total wash, so it’s best to have a good eye. The prices are crazy inexpensive, so if you purchase something and it doesn’t work, you don’t have terrible vintage guilt. Tops usually rage from $8-$20 and bottoms usually range from $20- $30

+ Mr. Throwback 
The name says it all. Here yo’ll find old school jerseys, video games and toys. The perfect place to pick up a cool present for your brother or boyrfriend, or to be very 2001 and wear a jersey as a dress. Either or.

+ Ritual Vintage
This shop is always easy to navigate and well curated. It’s hard to find shops that balance that and price point. Every time I go in I leave with something and never feel that guilt as if it was too expensive or not made well.

+ What Goes Around Comes Around
You are not going to save money here, so if that’s your goal, steer clear. But if you’re looking for unique investment pieces, you have to visit this New York staple.

+ Housing Works
I have been a frequent shopper at all of the Housing Works locations around the city since I was in college and spending my hours in-between classes moseying around the city and getting lost in-between racks. I can map each location out on foot, like a dog chasing a scent. Above all, I love supporting their mission to help people affected and living with HIV/Aids and homelessness. There’s no better feeling then spending your money somewhere that is helping a community in need.

+ L Train Vintage | Sackett Street
This location is a little off the beaten path, but totally worth it. Each time I visit it’s practically empty and I usually get  a weeks worth of looks for $100– It’s that good! Go, bring a friend or two.

+  Monk Vintage
This is another store I used to visit before I had River. It was the place I just stopped in to get something funky and cool. Go for the $2 bin at least (so many treasures!).

+ Beacon’s Closet
You’ll find a wealth of vintage clothing in the Greenpoint location, but (this is a big but) go fed, go when you have time, go when you don’t care if someone is friendly to you or not. Really. I have been a shopper at Beacon’s (back when they were on N 10th in Williamsburg) for a little under a decade, and I just know what to expect. It feels good to shop there, but you can’t be specific, you kind of just need to be slightly searching for anything good.

+Amarcord Vintage 
This is the perfect shop for a unique pair of pumps or a sweet bag. I find that while their prices aren’t low, they aren’t exponentially high either. You just have to find something that’s worth it.

While there are amazing online vintage shops, the actual high of thrifting is what I’m searching for more than then piece itself. With the high comes the story of the day you purchased that piece, and sharing those stories as the years go on. There’s something quite special in connecting experiences in things if you feel you need them.

(Top photo by Belle (styled by me) for Sakura Bloom.)

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