5 Things We Love For Back To School

It is the last week of summer vacation and despite my adoration for long summer days doing absolutely everything and anything, I look forward to our routine more than I consciously know. In the spirit of summer, I toss everything we’ve developed over the last 9 months: Late mornings quickly turn into even later evenings, soap-filled baths turn into hurried showers. Dinner at home is often replaced with pizza on a walk (or ice cream) more than I’d like to admit. Summer with kids feels majestic in a sense, but even more-so when you look at in a condensed version of time. Quite often I hear myself excuse almost anything with, “Because they’re little! It’s summer in New York!”

And now here we are. Because they’re little and I’m in charge, routines are to be set back into the rotation of which they belong. While River is bursting out from the seams to go back to school and attend 1st grade, I simultaneously look forward to my very own routine that comes with mostly full-time care for both. Oak is antsy, River is antsy, mama is antsy. So let the school year begin!

While we settle into what we once knew, I wanted to share five things we have and love for the kids for the school year…


Baby Baggu for stashing in their side pockets for all the random crafts, rocks, borrowed toys, and candy, they accumulate each day.

A very 90s backpack for a 2011 child, because our style choices are one in the same sometimes.

Misha and Puff Plum Island jacket


How cute are these New Balance For Crewcut sneakers?

A backpack that gives back. Read more about their mission here.

We are finishing the last of our shopping on Amazon (Prime!). Is there anything that kids who enter first grade really need? I would love to know.

P.S As are kids go back to school and we have to collectively choose what to give as far as the physical sense, but also the mental/guidance sense, I loved reading this piece…¬†A Whisper In An Age of Shouting¬†

(Top Photo by Neil Boenzi for The New York Times)

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