My Secret For Long-Lasting Summer Lips

It’s no secret that I love wearing lipstick. Especially when I am having a busy day, or when I am particularly tired. I lean on it, in a sense. At the same time, I don’t have time to apply and re-apply after eating, talking, or drinking, so I normally like to wear a matte lipstick. But there’s another trick that I have to make my lipstick last throughout the day…

Instead of applying the lipstick directly on my lips, I use my index finger. It’s messy (and I normally find lipstick stains somewhere on my jeans later), but it is the key to getting my lipstick to last longer in the day.

After rubbing a little on my index finger, I press my finger against my lips firmly, going from the center on out. The shade of the lipstick blends into my lips easier this way, but it also gives them this full perk.

A few of my favorite summer shades right here:
+ Tom Ford Matte Ruby 

+ Charlotte Tillbury Lost Cherry 

+ MAC Coral 

+ MAC Ruby Woo  

(photography by Maia Harms for LaTonya Yvette)

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