What To Read When Life’s Busy

Last week was long, and the weekend was even longer. We moved (more on that later), I ordained a wedding, my best friend came into town, I said a lot of goodbyes and welcomed hellos. When things got chaotic, I would try and carve out time for poems, articles, and quotes. I read in my bed, on a bench, and on the train. Somehow the simple task of pulling something up on my phone and removing myself from my thoughts for a minute or two.

What I Won’t Miss

Thoughts On An Inspiring Home

Bone Burying 

Poetry Is Not A Luxury 

The Mother Wound 

A Temple For Black Women 

What do you do when you’re feeling like you’re swirling in the madness?

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  • Reply Mutaleni May 31, 2017 at 10:16 am

    Unplug. Phone on airplane mode. Or simply switched off. I find a patch of grass or concrete and lay down and watch the sky. Sky blue (in all its shades) is so calming. I catch up on reading my New Yorkers. I listen out for chirping birds – audible signs of nature. I call my mum.

    Looking forward to seeing your new home Latonya. Also, if you will, please share your experience ordaining a wedding. Much love x

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