Motherhood Right Now: Something Oak Said

While this blog started off as a documentation of my personal journey in motherhood, so much has taken place since we started. Naturally, the blog moved along with life’s events. So much so, I often forget to talk about what’s new in motherhood. Or I just chose to not discuss, as a way of truly being present with River and Oak.

But something happened last week, and I couldn’t ignore it and it made me feel so proud, that I went on to share it with whoever would listen….

Oak just kind of woke up and decided he wanted to be a big kid. He’s always been a chatter box, but his personal growth these last few weeks has truly surprised me.

Last week we were sitting in the car together, and he started to sing and chat as he was climbing around the car, and then he got quiet. After a while, his voice raised in this sweet and sincere pitch, and he said something that kind of broke me: “Mommy, you know. You know, I really love you.” I turned around in shock and asked him to say it again. And he did. Pitch and passion equivalent to the first time.

Goodness, motherhood has been the most beautiful gift for me. And those words, spoken so confidently and passionately on a random afternoon, felt monumental. It was everything I needed and more.

If you’re a mother, is there anything that your child has said recently that has completely caught you off guard? 

Have a beautiful week!

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  • Reply Dominique May 24, 2017 at 3:26 am

    I can only imagine how your heart must have felt in that moment. I also love that you documented it. What a gift blogging can be in that way. My babies don't talk yet but they did just start giving kisses without prompting them to one another. It's such a beautiful sweet thing. I hear from twins and twin parents everywhere about the special bond twins share and it's the first glimpse I've had of it.

  • Reply jopoke May 24, 2017 at 5:56 pm

    My "baby" grew up & is currently serving his country. This is hard on mama's. I've always tried to give my children space to think for themselves, but most recently he's begun to ask for me to change. We have occasional Skype sessions and he has begun to say in his serious man voice "mom, I need your opinion on this one" and "do you have any advice"? People don't often think a soldier would need his mama, but it seems more now than ever.

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