Spring Childhood Memories

Our stoop days have grown longer. Mornings strung into afternoons, afternoons tied into evenings. It has me wondering about the activities that take up our time. What will become of the stoop bubble chase when they were just 6 and not quite 3? Those evenings when my hair stayed curly and a bit maddening, their nails dirty, my stained dressed, the over-boiling pot of noodles, and the bully of a squirrel and those birds that just wouldn’t quit. The quick and hilarious evenings right before the sun went down.

A few of my favorite spring and summer activities that I hope translate into motherhood:

+ Double dutch in front of the stoop

+ A large old tin of chunky crayons scattered around

+ Sticky ice fingers

+ Painting my nails terribly. And painting them again.

+ Hide and seek with cousins in a small apartment

+ Frequent corner-store runs 5 cent swedish fish and quarter waters

+ A  hero when I got hungry and slice when it got late.

+ Oatmeal baths after grass rolling

+Too many injuries to keep track, and feeling safe all in the same.

What about you, any spring childhood memories of your own that stick out? 

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