Motherhood Right Now: Spring Break

The sun peeked through the shutters and the alarm went off several times, revealing the thing I’ve always loved about spring break; sleeping in. I could hear Oak’s milk cup crashing against his bed frame, and River groaning in unison with the bursts of light that blanketed her room. Spring break has arrived.

We spent the weekend with a loud and rowdy apartment of cousins. The backyard door clanking and creaking, and iced coffee overflowing from the Chemex. Buena Vista social club boasting from the radio. Palo Santo turning our apartment into a smoky scene, waxing back into my pre-baby days, and the sound of laughter leaking through our opened windows, bringing me right back into the current moment in time.

There aren’t any grand spring break plans in my calendar, save for a trip upstate, pizza in the park, one too many pops, and a plethora of new books currently covering our dining room table. . The streets are ours and motherhood right now means allowing it all to be. Happy spring break.

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